Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i can't believe today is tuesday! i loved having monday off but it has certainly thrown a kink in my week. lots of things going on...vbs training is tomorrow night and i'm feeling the pressure. although, i am certain that you never feel completely ready for an event like vbs, nor do you ever feel completely ready for vbs training. it's one of those things where i've learned to be okay if everything isn't absolutely perfect...the world will not stop spinning if i leave a craft stick or a roll of masking tape out of someone's supplies (or if my lockers made from insulation board aren't perfect...but that's a whole other subject;).

anyway, saw this video on travis cottrell's blog and thought i'd add it to mine. it's kind of a "recap" video of living proof live in boone, from this past weekend. beth moore taught on biblical happiness and the blessing of asher (deuteronomy 33); you should seriously check it out and start praying it for yourself and your loved ones. God will rock your world. He's amazing like that :).

alright, back to the vbs madness...with a happy heart...because He HAS made me glad.

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