Monday, February 7, 2011

i'm loving...

thanks to hallmark ;-) february is the month of L-O-V-E and in the spirit of how much i love valentine's day, i thought i'd share with you the things i'm loving this week!

1) i'm loving... gina's skinny recipes here! so happy to have found such a great resource for healthy and incredibly yummy recipes! my scale and hubs' tummy are loving it!

2) i'm loving... watching oprah's behind the scenes show that details everything that goes into putting together and pulling off oprah's show. i don't always watch every oprah show but seeing the behind the scenes of her show is really fascinating to me.

3) i'm loving... there is a chance of snow here wednesday night/thursday morning. yes, i am a grown up and i still love snow and snow days. i know a lot of people don't love the fact that life pretty much stops around here when it snows but i love it...i love the opportunity for some down time with hubs at home.

4) i'm loving... that valentine's day is a week away. yes, i'm one of those cheesy people who love valentine's day. i don't love it because of the gifts, or flowers, or chocolates, or stuff but i just love the purpose and intention of taking a day to let those in your life you love know they're special (of course, you should do it every day). there's nothing wrong with picking a day (say, february 14 ;-) and go all out showing your love!

5) i'm loving...that my little schnoodle (paisley) has turned into quite a little snuggle bug in the last month or so. she's definitely the best dog ever (though i know i'm biased ).

6)i'm loving... my iPad. yes, i did get an iPad right after Christmas and it is both fabu and fah-mazing (shout out to greggy on tlc's next great baker).

7)i'm loving... fun, impromptu lunches and with my mom and my sister. we love being together and we have a lot of fun, too.

8)i'm loving... the times i've spent with my nephews and my niece in the afternoons the last couple weeks! i've gone with my sister to pick everyone up (through 3 carlines) but the conversations and the laughs we've had have been priceless. it's so fun listening about their days, talking with them and hearing their opinions on life. they're the best kids ever (again, i'm probably biased ;-).

9)i'm loving... watching 24 in the evening with hubs. my dad who is a huge 24 fan owns all the seasons on dvd and hubs and i decided to start with season 1 and go all the way through to the last season. we're currently watching season 2 and it's provided some great tv but more importantly some great togetherness and snuggle time on the couch in the evenings!

10) i'm hubs. he is such a great man and i love him to pieces. i can truly say that through my relationship with him i've seen and experienced God's unfailing, undending love, His amazing grace, and His endless mercy. i'm so thankful for joel. he can make me laugh like no other person and make me feel completely loved. so glad to celebrate how much i love him everyday but especially during this month of L-O-V-E!