Tuesday, May 17, 2011

an alley fam update...numbers edition

here's an update on the alleys in numbers...

41...days since i last blogged.

32...years i've lived without ever having seen any of the star wars movies, until now.

24...pansies that did not survive in my flower pots this spring. i have no idea what happened and why they didn't survive but since they're typically pretty tough flowers i'm thinking it's not looking good for the geraniums i'm planting this week. i definitely did NOT inherit my mom's green thumb!

18...preschoolers sang their hearts out at our hymns 4 Him night of worship which was presented by our preschool and children's choirs. they were fabulous!

17...family members who participated in family pictures. both sides of our families (the graysons and the alleys) had family photo sessions within two weeks of each other. fun times :).

14...days until hubs' birthday. less than that, actually if you consider that we don't just celebrate a day but we have birthday weekends or birthday weeks in my family!

11...people (including 2 puppies) hubs and i hosted for a mother's day dinner for my mom and sis. they (mom and sis) are the best...ever. we had a blast and some super yummy food (if i do say so myself ;).

6...months until my birthday. i got to "celebrate" my first ever half birthday this month...it was hubs' idea and totally a lot of fun.

3...critters (2 japanese beetles and 1 caterpillar) ingested by our puppy (that caused some major tummy troubles...if you catch my drift) which led to a vet visit (x-rays, blood work, iv fluids, and two medicines) and a diagnosis of gastritis and dehydration. we had an interesting week last week but thank goodness she is all better now! we are quite vigilent in making sure she doesn't eat anymore BUGS! she definitely has a sensitive tummy like her mama.

2...more episodes of biggest loser for this season. hubs and i have really enjoyed watching this particular cast mostly because they're not into the "game play" thing. i'm glad that they all genuinely seem to want to be there to, you know, lose weight.

1...more month after this month with my bff until she moves to peru. sniff.