Friday, February 26, 2010

a little update...

well, i made it back home from dallas {thank goodness}. i had a great time and LOVED spending time with some of the best friends in the world but there's no place like home {thank you, dorothy}. i'll update in a few days with some pictures and a recap of my trip {along with detailing a trip...or my new favorite store in the dfw area}. we had a blast all week, shopping, laughing, eating, and just being all out crazy {it's who we are}. needless to say, even though i had a fabulous week, i seriously missed my hubs and my puppy.

just a head's up...i have a few giveaways coming on the blog so keep your eyes open and check in often!

i'm off to go snuggle a husband and a puppy. see you monday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

new look

thanks to kelly at fabulous K designs! i love the new look! i'm trying out blogging on my phone while I sit in the airport waiting on my flight to dallas. so, please forgive any typos or formatting errors :).

i just wanted to pop in and comment on the new design because absolutely love it (have i mentioned that i love it? ;).

i'm off to board the plane. have a happy monday!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i'd like to buy a vowel, pat...

well hello there, blogland. apparently, life just swallowed me up in the last week or so and i did not follow through on my "blog everyday commitment" but instead of just giving up...i'm hopping right back on that wagon.

first things first...i owe you a weight watcher's wednesday update. since tomorrow is wednesday, though, i'll give you part one today and conclude with part two tomorrow. seriously? can you even stand the excitement? ;) don't get too excited because "part 1" consists of one sentence. part 1: we didn't get to weigh in a week ago due to all the snow and ice that visited our area that weekend. see? i told you not to get too worked up. i can tell you this, though...being "snowed in" and not weighing in {read that: no accountability that comes in the form of the little weight watcher lady who either tells you that you've gained or you've lost that week} does not bode well for a successful weight watcher's week. i did weigh at home that week and my home scale encouraged me by saying i had lost a pound. riveting, i know and just wait...there's more tomorrow ;).

second of all, hubs truly spoke my love language on saturday supplies. i needed a notebook, dividers, and supplies to put together a notebook for my job coordinating the 2's and 3's at church so he graciously agreed to make the journey with me. {and for those of you who know me and who visited my office at will understand the magnitude of what i'm about to say...he also bought me some more sharpies ;} i can't really function if my work papers and things are disorganized so i'm really looking forward to putting my notebook together this morning. {and after that maw maw might go clean her dentures and work a crossword puzzle because apparently, i am just that exciting these days.}

finally, please note the adorable little dayspring add on the right side of the blog. feel free to click on it and go on over there to get some great savings on valentine's day gifts and lots of other great products. i have to say, i'm quite the fan of dayspring and am happy to advertise for them.

alright, it's 10:00 and you know that means it's time for maw maw's lunch and wheel of fortune ;). don't forget to check back in tomorrow for part 2 of weight watcher's wednesday. trust's just as exciting as it sounds.