Tuesday, December 23, 2008

honeymoon pics and a (small) update

**edited to add... if you have trouble viewing the pictures on facebook, leave me a comment and i will send you an email with the link to view the pictures through snapfish.**

you can view honeymoon pics by clicking here. we are back and doing well with the exception of a minor case of jet lag and we are trying very hard to get back into the swing of things.

the wedding was absolutely amazing, magical, and flawless and the honeymoon was beyond description. we had the BEST time with each other and loved nyc and hawaii.

hopefully, within a week or two the blog will have a completely different look and a different name. from now on, it will be all about the alleys, and watch out...joel might even blog a time or two. :)

merry christmas!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


in 4 days (almost 3) i will say good bye to a place that i've called home for 24 years. a place that even while my address may have read boiling springs, fort worth, dallas, or even mooresville, my heart was always here on perry st. this place that i so dearly love was built by my paw-paw a year before my mom was born and i couldn't even begin to list all the memories that have been made within these four walls. while i absolutely love the house itself....the floors, the staircase, my bedroom, the glass doorknobs, i love what this home has represented for so long for so many in my family. this home has been a place of refuge, comfort, laughter, peace, and warmth not only for me, my parents, and my sister but for my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. even though my paw paw has been gone for 8 years, this will always be his house in my heart and in my mind.

so, as i lay my head on my pillow for the last time in "my room" i will remember the years growing up of playing school, dress up, and all the times i pretended to have so many different jobs. i will remember the tears that were shed on that carpet as i spent time with the Lord...getting to know Him and loving Him more and more when i was in high school. i will remember getting ready for the prom and graduation and my last night before i left for college.

i know that i will always come back to this house but it will never be the same. on saturday i will start a new journey with the love of my life and i have the opportunity to make our house a home...to make new memories and start new traditions as we start our family. i am excited and nervous and thrilled and overwhelmed all at the same time.

i have to say, as i'm talking about home, i could not be more blessed by my amazing parents. growing up they loved me, disciplined me, nutured me, and guided me. they have supported me and not only did they tell me they always wanted the best for me but their actions have always supported their words. as an adult, they have been an amazing source of wisdom and i adore them more than i can express. i am so proud of them and of the way they have loved not only me and my sister but in the way they have loved my brother-in-law, stephen, and my hubs-to-be. i don't believe i have ever known parents who have been so gracious and loving to their son-in-law and their son-in-law-to-be.

this will probably be my last post as a single woman. woo hoo!! i know today is tuesday (almost wednesday) and the wedding isn't until saturday but if you could see my "to-do" list, you would understand why there will be no blogging until after the wedding. i am also doing my best to savor and enjoy every moment of this week. so, with that said...see you after the wedding! (and with pictures!!)

oh yeah, sometime after the wedding the blog address will change because i won't be amy grayson anymore. i don't know what it will be but i just thought i'd give you a heads up! the next time i write, i'll be amy alley!

see you in a few weeks!