Saturday, January 22, 2011

all about....marissa

okay so here's the deal. i just realized i guess i'm in the middle of some type of blogging hiatus. clearly, it wasn't planned but it happened nonetheless. i'm breaking the hiatus, though, to participate in one of kelly's show us your life posts. this time the post isn't about me but it's about my best friend, marissa. kelly did her first show us your single ladies/guys post some time ago and it was a huge success...lots of people participated...there were 3 matches and 2 of those 3 couples are now engaged! so, kelly decided to open her blog up for part 2 of show us your single ladies/guys on friday and here we are. obviously, i am quite taken (and blissfully so, i might add) but i did receive permission from marissa to write a post about her and link it up to kelly's blog.

marissa is in her early 30's and lives just outside of charlotte, nc, and she is a music teacher at an elementary school. marissa has a passion and a love for the Lord and makes it a priority in her life to serve Him in her local church (she is on staff with their worship ministry) and has a deep love for missions.

(marissa and her daddy---on a mission trip in quito, ecuador)

she is seriously one of the funniest people i know and can make you laugh in a heartbeat. she is also incredibly genuine, kind, giving, and just all around a blast to be around. marissa loves her family (she has an amazing family, btw---that's important to know, too :-) and is a loyal and trustworthy friend. she is an adventurous girl who loves being outdoors and loves the water.

(on top of a mountain in quito, ecuador...16,000 feet above sea level)

i've known marissa since the first day of college, freshman year (1997, people...that's 14 years) and i love her to pieces. i can't fully convey how much she means to me or how much our friendship means to me. we've walked through a lot in our 14 years of friendship and i can say without a doubt that she is the real deal. any guy would be incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to date her...she is beautiful (inside and out), hilarious, and has a passion to know the Lord and love others. all of that to say, she is quite a catch! leave a comment if you know a guy that might be a good fit for her!