Saturday, May 22, 2010

Help Whip Cancer

May is Breast Cancer Awareness month for The Pampered Chef and they are joining with the American Cancer Society to "Help Whip Cancer." As a consultant, I am doing a party in honor of my dear friend Nikk. For those of you who don't have the privilege to know Nikki, she is an awesome 31 year old wife to Daniel, mom to Sydney, Ella, and Eli, and an incredible friend to everyone she meets. She is also a labor and delivery nurse who loves and adores her job.

Nikki was diagnosed with breast cancer a month ago and is at the very beginning of this long journey to whip cancer in her own life. She is having a left mastectomy on Monday followed by intense chemotherapy in the coming weeks. Daniel lost his job a few months ago and started going back to school. Any financial support would be a huge help. Nikki's family will receive the net proceeds from the party (my commission) and for every Help Whip Cancer product you purchase, the Pampered Chef will donate a dollar to the American Cancer Society.

How can you participate? Visit my website and enter For Nikki as the host name and then shop away! All products will be directly shipped to your home.

Let's use this opportunity to love on the Nikki's family AND to Help Whip Cancer!

~Amy Alley
Your Pampered Chef® Consultant

Friday, May 14, 2010


So I'm posting from my new Droid Incredible. How fun! This is merely a test run just to see how it would work.

So far, it's living up to its name! Hubs & I have both been sucked in by technology tonight (he has one, too). I'm just happy to find that not all technology hates me! :-)

Have a happy weekend!