Thursday, October 14, 2010


"it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery." ~galatians 5:1

freedom. i think everyone would admit that freedom is a good thing; i think everyone would acknowledge that it's a desirable thing. i would dare say most of us who call ourselves believers would claim to have experienced freedom in our lives and we probably have experienced the initial freedom that comes with accepting Christ as our Savior and repenting from our sins. honestly, though, a few months ago i didn't really consider that believers...that Christians...could be in bondage {isn't that for non-Christians?} or i would concede believers who have struggled through some very difficult and tragic circumstances could potentially be in bondage but not me. i've never truly had anything i would classify as a major life crisis that has the potential to wrap me up in bondage and chains. isn't that usually the result of abuse or alcoholism or drug addiction or major struggles like that? all i can say to that last sentence and thought process is that it's nothing but a lie.

let's talk about bondage {or captivity} for a minute to make sure we have an accurate understanding and frame of reference for the topic at hand. in breaking free beth moore describes this type of bondage {or captivity} in this way, "a Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for her." anything...anything...any...thing that keeps you from living the life God has planned for you = bondage {or captivity}. before i started the breaking free Bible study this summer and even in the first week or two, it never occurred to me that i could possibly have areas in my life that were hindering me from living out the abundant, Spirit-filled life God intended me to live; yet i would wonder why in the world i struggled so much in certain areas and truly living a victorious life never really seemed to be within my reach.

fast forward through a summer where it seemed as though i continually wrestled with the Lord over several areas and desires all the while working through breaking free. as time passed and i dove deeper into the study, the Lord began to open my eyes to things in my life that were holding me in captivity and hindering me from experiencing the life He intends for me to live. can i be real with you for a moment? i mean, can i really be real with you for a moment? i began to see and become aware of all of these areas that i would dare say most women struggle with {or have struggled with} that are just flat. out. lies. insecurity, seeking approval from {fill in the blank}, seeking satisfaction from {fill in the blank}, our broken hearts can never be mended, our unfulfilled dreams and longings are a result of something we've done wrong, i have to {fill in the blank} for God to really love me, God's plan really isn't the best for me...the list could go on and on. i don't really think, though, that we would necessarily outright say that we believe any of those lies but i think when it comes down to it, our actions say otherwise. the goal of the enemy, the accuser is to deceive us to the point that we no longer realize we're being deceived. if the lies seem normal and just part of our daily existence the less likely we are to recognize them as lies and replace them with the truth of God's Word making our captivity normal and comfortable.

back to being real {for another moment}...for example, i never would have verbalized my struggle with needing the approval of others to feel worthy, loved, accepted, good enough, etc. mostly because i didn't recognize it in myself. through the the refining process, the Lord began to show me that i was seeking approval from the wrong places and began pouring out His unfailing love in my life. not only did believing the lie that my approval/satisfaction/worth had to come from other people hold me in captivity but it also affected my relationships with those people. no one or no thing can satisfy the places within us that are meant to be filled by the about setting someone up for failure! once i was able to recognize this lie that had held me in such bondage, i was able to replace it with the Truth of God's Word, and i experienced a freedom and a love like never before.

here's the deal...i believe with all of my heart that it's God's desire and plan for us to live in freedom, to walk with Him victoriously, and to do big things for His kingdom. until we're willing to find the lies we've believed for so long and replace them with His Truth, we're simply going to be rendered ineffective {at best}. so how do we experience freedom? ask God to start showing you the areas of your life where you have bought into lies and then seek His Truth to fill that void. then, believe Him...He is trustworthy and His plan for you is good...even if you don't understand.

my primary motivation for pursuing the obedient life is an absolute belief that the One who has a right to rule is also the One whose rule is right. i try to obey God because with all of my heart i believe that He is always good, always right, and loves me in ways i cannot comprehend. ~beth moore