Tuesday, May 1, 2007

me, a blogger?!

okay, so, i have given in to some sort of peer pressure, i guess. all these people i know have blogs: friends from church, college, high school and i've even read some blogs of random people i've never met. i'd never consider myself a "blogging" sort of girl...i never had a diary when i was growing up and to be honest, i struggle with journaling things (except for prayers...i really like writing out my prayers). i think my issues with journaling and writing things down stem from a lack of discipline. yikes!

anyway, i digress...i thought i'd try my hand at blogging and see what happens. the thing about all this blogging madness and nonsense is that some people share intensely personal (in my opinion) information about themselves...just throwing it out there in cyberspace for anyone to read. that's really not my style, so, you'll just have to stay along for the ride and see what becomes of my blogging career. i can promise you this: sometimes crazy and quite out of the norm things happen to me so, i can say that i'm sure, at times, it will be interesting and quite possibly even funny.

oh, and for anyone who may ever read this, leave me a comment or two ;) it will make me smile and encourage me in my day.


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