Wednesday, May 2, 2007

in my book, you're a rockstar...

okay, so, as much as i thought i would struggle with blogging...apparently not since i'm on my third post in 2 days :). it is kind of addicting, huh?

my heart has really been burdened lately because there are all of a sudden so many people around me (maybe not necessarily close in vicinity but who are close to my heart) who are experiencing loss, difficulty, and tragedy. it breaks my heart to think of a lady i have "met" through other friends who just found out she has a brain tumor, my friends who just lost their 2 yr old, my friend who lost 2 fellow officers a couple weeks ago in a senseless crime, the tragedy at va tech, and now a friend of mine who is experiencing a such a horribly difficult time with her daughter and her family. in light of all of this, i've been reflecting about what really matters.

i'm thankful for...
  • my faith
  • my parents
  • my sister (who is my best friend) and my brother-in-law
  • my nephews
  • my niece
  • my friends
  • my health (crazy big toe and all :)
  • my job...i get to go to work and do something that i love

i'm going to take some time in the coming weeks and let the people in my life know that they're rockstars in my book. everyone needs to know that they're loved and important to someone...i was thinking this morning about how great it would be to have a "fan club"; a group of people that when you're sad, down, insecure, lonely, etc. that you could call and they'd instantly remind you of your strengths and the good things about you. (don't get me wrong...i know that my identity and my security of who i am comes from my relationship with Jesus) but then i realized that i do have a fan club...i have a family who loves me and friends who love me and see past my issues. so, i've decided that i'm going to try harder to let those people know how great i think THEY are! :)

i'm determined for today to be a better day...i'm praying i have a better perspective.


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Jason Everhart said...

We had this conversation the other day. Tell them whats on your heart and mind so there is no doubt what they mean to you...great blog, sunshine...