Thursday, June 7, 2007

memories of country lane

this is for all my texas friends...cari, andrea, ben...and everyone's a fun/not so fun trip down memory lane, well, actually, country lane. :)

  • the elvis impersonator in the dining as well as entertainment ;)

  • bingo...jason was determined to go and play with all the senior citizens

  • myra locking me out of the apartment...almost a nightly event that entire summer
  • the "stalker" who climbed into our vents and sprayed mace through the airconditioning system

  • the late night 911 phone calls
  • being accused of stealing her depends...
  • the residents reserving their parking spaces by leaving their scooters in the spot
  • myra's scooter breaking down, so she hitched a ride with another old man and his scooter
  • august in texas + the heat set on 85 degrees = a not so pleasant morning experience

there were lots of other experiences but these are the ones i'll always remember :). my summer with myra was eventful, at times scary, and always provided a good laugh for the children's staff of pwood.

(if you've never heard about my adventures at country lane...ask me sometime. i promise you, you'll laugh.)

(ps--this is a blog i wrote about a week ago but never published...i haven't had time lately to finish out some half-written blogs, so several may appear at once! :)

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