Thursday, July 12, 2007

28 pieces of randomness about amy

i've been "tagged" by a friend to list 28 (one for each year of life) things about me in my blog, so here i go...

1. i'm not a big fan of email forwards and i'm ashamed to admit that most times, i delete them before reading them (unless they're from jordana, darrell, or someone who normally doesn't send forwards...if i know you usually send good stuff and don't send me a million, then i will read them).
2. i can't stand my sheets on the bed to be wrinkly or in a sheets have to be smooth and straight. (does that make sense? i can't sleep in a "messy" bed) bizarro...i know.
3. i don't like watching commercials. i either change the channel or mute it.
4. i love watching the food network but i never cook any of the recipes.
5. i'm an accessories nut...purses, shoes, jewelry. love it.
6. i used to sing all the time in high school, college, and grad school (like with auditioned groups and choirs and stuff). i don't sing anymore and i miss it.
7. i love football and college basketball. i like baseball and hockey. ;) there's a difference.
8. i can't work if my desk is a mess but if it is a mess, it's a good sign that i am completely stressed out.
9. my mom used to call me amy jane when i was a little girl but jane isn't my middle name or anywhere close to it.
10. one of my favorite toys when i was a little girl was my barbie big wheels. gotta love it.
11. i don't embarrass myself often but when i do, i often knock it out of the park...atlanta, a few years ago and the group casting crowns...if you haven't heard the story, i'll be happy to share it with you.
12. i tend to tell really long stories and give waay too many unimportant details. it's just who i am...i can tell when my stories get too long because i can tell by the glazed-over look in peoples' eyes :).
13. i have to have music on in order to be productive at work.
14. i met my college accountability partner and best friend, jordana, at a retreat freshman year of college. i met her because i hit her in the head (accidentally) with my luggage.
15. i absolutely love the mountains but i driving on curvy, mountainy roads makes me car sick.
16. when i was in grad school, i lived in a senior citizen apartment community with an 85 yr. old woman named myra.
17. when i lived in dallas, i was in the neimann marcus-adolphus christmas parade. no one saw my face, though, because i had to wear a stupid puppet head. that was not a good memory for's funny now but not so much then.
18. my friend, cari, seriously cracks me up every time i talk to her. i love her.
19. i can be pretty competitive. i love playing games and competing. cards, spoons, dominoes, board games, flag football, softball, etc. btw...joie, i miss playing mexican train (aka chicken foot OR the j-train, ak trak for my texas friends ;) with you. we must play in september when you come to visit!
20. i love fresh cut flowers...roses, tulips, gerbera daisies. love them.
21. i keep a collection of hallmark cards in my desk drawer just in case i need to send someone a card on the spur of the moment. you know, when you care enough to send the very best...
22. i planted a tree with my grandpa (a maple whirly hurricane was the seed) when i was a little girl and now that tree is as tall as our house.
23. my parents live in a house my grandpa 1945. original hardwoods and everything. lots of remodeling has been done but the house has character and history...our family history.
24. i arrange my books on my bookshelves by height. apparently, to some people, this is a problem. i think it's more important for my shelves to LOOK good. :)
25. my birthday is exactly 4 months from today.
26. i had a very promising and successful career in retail that lasted for one month. astonishing, i know.
27. i have a foster cat named maude (my nickname for her...her real name is cali). she is a neighbor's cat but she comes over to our house for some lovin' and attention.
28. did i mention my birthday is 4 months from today? ;) i think birthdays are very important and i love celebrating the bdays of my friends and family.

whew. okay, so, it took me longer than i thought it would to complete that list. i hope you aren't bored because it's pretty long and for the most part, useless information about me.

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