Thursday, July 5, 2007

my nephews

i'm going to take a second to NOT mention my annoying big toe :) and brag on my nephews. sometimes it's hard for me to comprehend that they are now 10 and 12. it's just crazy to look at them and think about how little they used to be. no worries, though, i'm not going to turn into the crazy, nostalgic aunt that just gushes about how precious they are (but they are precious ;).

seriously, though, i've been able to be more of an observer this last week since i've been out of commission and i have to say that my nephews have impressed me. it's so neat to see that they are growing up and they are becoming boys who have character. don't get me wrong...they are both ALL boy...sports, paintball, knives, if it's manly, then it's their "thing" but they also are incredibly caring and compassionate boys. i know it seems like i'm gushing and maybe i am but lately it has been on my mind that i am impressed with the job my sister and her husband are doing with these boys. i don't have kids but because of my job, i have some insight and i do know that kids don't just automatically start developing character and integrity AND i know that it's not an easy job even for the best parent. so, to my sister (i don't know if she even reads my blog ;) she should, though:), i know you don't hear it often enough but you are doing an incredible job with those boys; i am excited to watch them continuing to grow into young men and to see the ways God is going to use them.

as a side note, i just LOVE being an aunt :)! i love being the one who gets to spoil them and do the crazy fun stuff with them and then take them home and let mom and dad deal with the real life issues ;). God has blessed me with 2 amazing nephews and 1 incredible niece (i'll dedicate a post to her at a later date). here's to days at carowinds, nascar speedpark, laser tag, the movies, and all the other fun places we frequent.

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