Sunday, August 5, 2007

flip flop countdown

i mentioned in an earlier post that i had 27 more days in my flip flop countdown (which would be the day i can wear TWO flip flops instead of just one and then a clunky walking boot on the other foot. it is NOT a count down that has to do with crazy and annoying politicians who can't make up their mind about their "political views" on certain issues...just thought i'd clarify ;).

the official flip flop countdown is: 10 days!!!!!!! :)

ohhh...and that would also be the countdown for when amy can start driving again. such excitement for me (it's the little things, i tell you...the little things).

can i just point out that it's 1 am and i am blogging?! i have no idea why i am not fast asleep--i should be. tomorrow is sunday which is a pretty important day in the life of my work week but here i am awake (not quite wide awake) and blogging about flip flops. such craziness.

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