Friday, August 17, 2007

fondue goodness

a few friends decided that we needed a girl's night so we made a visit to the melting pot for some fondue goodness. the plan was just to enjoy the chocolate course (yummm) but by the time everyone arrived and they were able to seat us, we decided to go for it and have the cheese and chocolate course. all i'm going to say is that if you ever had the opportunity to visit the melting pot, you should. it's soo good but it's also a lot of fun. like a dork, i forgot my camera but i did find a pic to illustrate the yumminess that is the melting pot. :) and, can i just say...i had high school senior prom flashbacks (because we ate at the melting pot) and it made me wonder...what was i thinking? fondue is fun and fabulous but it's also's a wonder my prom dress made it out of the restaurant unstained. (i do realize that is quite a random thought but it was something i thought about last i thought i'd share. :)

i can't believe that i've just written an entire post about cheese and chocolate...i'm such a weirdo ;).

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