Monday, November 12, 2007

big stuff

God has been working and doing some amazing stuff in my ministry...He has really knocked my socks off several times in the last couple months. it amazes me how clear He can be when He is giving direction or guidance about situations or opportunities (seriously, He couldn't have been more clear if He'd posted a neon, flashing sign...thankfully, by His grace, i paid attention). it's amazing, overwhelming, exciting, scary, etc. all at one time. saturday at a children's ministry conference they asked us to look at 4 pictures (storm, roller coaster, wilting flower, an adult holding a child's hand) and identify which picture best represents our ministry at this point...immediately, i identified with the roller coaster. it's thrilling, adventurous, fast-paced, and sometimes a little scary but when you mix all of those emotions together, it's exhilarating. isn't that what this journey with Jesus is all about?
we're not exactly sure where the journey will take us but we do know that it will be an amazing adventure and an exciting ride :).

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Nicki said...

Hey girl, I love your blog! It's so great! I can imagine how you feel this way at HG!!! =) But, you are doing SUCH an amazing job and I just adore your wit and pure heart for those children!!