Tuesday, November 27, 2007

quick update

just a quick update on life...it's good. :) how's that for brief? seriously, life is good. it's super busy right now but it is good.

thanksgiving this year was great...we (ALL of us) were at my parent's house on thursday. we ate WAY TOO MUCH, watched football and christmas movies. then, friday i shopped in the morning/afternoon and had dinner with joel's parents friday night.

saturday, joel and i made a trip to asheville to see the biltmore house and ya'll, let me tell you...it is amazing. i've been to biltmore several times but it's beautiful at christmas. because we were late getting there, (and saturdays are "timed entry days") our scheduled time to tour the house was 5 pm...which meant we got to enjoy the biltmore by candlelight but we weren't on the "official" candlelight tour (which costs more money). all in all, it was an amazing day. :)

at work we are smack in the middle of everything for the charlotte christmas experience. somehow, i am the person in charge of coordinating all the volunteers and right now, i will admit that i am a smidge overwhelmed. it's not that things aren't going well OR that i don't think things will all work out. i am confident that everything will be wonderful but i'm overwhelmed by my "to-do" lists and everything i need to accomplish in such a short amount of time. thank goodness for tums right now, though ;).

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