Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the is not my friend

well, i think everyone would agree that the flu is NO fun. seriously. (don't worry, i am not going to go into detail describing my symptoms, etc. just so i can get some sympathy because straight up, it's just gross...flu symptoms...not sympathy.)

the fact that i haven't posted in almost a month has been bothering me and kind of hanging over my head...i would log in and stare at the blank screen and the cursor blinking and just decide to close it out instead of try to write anything. so, i decided tonight that i'd log in and let all of you in the world wide web that i am still alive and somewhat kickin. ( give me several more days and the "kickin" part will be more believable.)

so, for a quick update: christmas was one of the best ever (i had 2 weeks off from work :), new years was fun, and having all that time off was just what i needed to really feel refreshed and ready to go for 08.

alright, so there is a quick update. i'm going to go load up on more sudafed, cough syrup and load more movies into the dvd player.

until next time...stay healthy, use hand sanitizer, and take your vitamins...because the flu, it is no one's friend ;). (and give yourself a pat on the back if you took a flu shot. that is a lesson, apparently after having the flu twice in 4 years, i have not learned. maybe next year.)

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Valarie said...

Feel better soon sweet girl! Love the "Use hand sanitizer"!! CRACKED ME UP!!!

See ya.

Nicki said...

Oh Amy!! I'm so sorry you got that nasty bug!!! I hope you feel better soon and I'M SO GLAD you finally posted!! Keep it up! You're a good writer!!