Thursday, February 14, 2008

more of what i love...happy valentine's day!!

since it is valentine's day and all...i thought i'd continue my list of things i love. :)

i love coffee...strong coffee with cream but no sugar. starbucks has trained me well.

i love joel. he's the absolute best. i love that he understands me and bless his heart is super patient with this girl who is quite the work in progress.

i love crispy candy like kit kats, nestle crunch, krackle, and crispy m&m's (do they make those anymore? i don't think so!)

i love ministry...i love that the central focus of my job is cultivating, nuturing, and shepherding relationships with people as they work toward cultivating, nurturing, and shepherding their relationship with Jesus.

i love it when the ink in my pen matches the notecard or stationary on which i am writing. that makes me happy.

i love that the Lord has been so clear in His direction for the new special needs ministry at our church. i love that all we have had to do is literally to respond in obedience and be available...He is provided and worked and moved beyond anything i could ever imagine. it seriously makes me just want to fall on my face and weap with thanksgiving. "how can i ever repay the Lord for His goodness to me?"

i love fresh flowers...tulips, roses, gerber daisies...they just make me happy.

i love chick flicks.

i love that i beat my nephews at bowling on the wii. (is it wrong that i love that?)

i love my lip gloss.

i love that we worship and follow a God who is involved in our daily lives...He is not removed and distant but is here, with us.

i love sweatshirts...especially hoodies.

i love warm cuddly, cozy blankets.

alright, well, i could sit here and list things forever. i'm such a valentine's day dork, though. it's my favorite "minor" holiday; i just think it's so important to take time to let people in your life know how much you love and appreciate them.

so, take some time and spread some love around today!!

"we love because He first loved us." 1 john 4:19

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Nicki said...

I LOVE fresh flowers too!! They just bring so much sunshine to my day!!!