Friday, February 29, 2008

randomness part 2

i was tagged for this so here we go...

10 years ago:
i was a freshman in college. wow. good times, good times.

things on my to-do list today:
-meet joel for breakfast
-review my presentation
-pack my car
-pack an overnight bag
-drive to bristol, va

what would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire:
hmm...good question. i would definitely want to use that money to bless and give to others. it would also be fun to travel all over and maybe shop once or twice ;).

three of my bad habits:
-tend to let my car and closet get messy
-i tend to worry and jump to conclusions too quickly

five jobs I have had:
-youth ministry intern
-children's ministry intern
-customer service rep for student discipleship ministries (the see you at the pole people)
-eddie bauer sales associate
-resource advisor for group publishing

five things people don't know about me:
-my desk at work is only messy if i'm super stressed out.
-i will drink soda out of a can (if it's cold) but don't like drinking it out of a bottle...i have to have a glass (preferably a plastic cup) with lots and lots of ice. i always prefer the cup with ice but it's a must if the soda is in a bottle ;).
-i played on an intramural badminton tournament team in college. yeah, i know but we made something SO not cool so very cool. trust me ;).
-i can't sleep with socks on.
-i took roller skating lessons in the 2nd grade. i could even do tricks...i had some mad skillz.

so, i'm not going to "tag" any one in particular...if you're reading this i think you should answer these questions on your blog. spice it up a little :).

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