Wednesday, March 5, 2008

love me some texas

i'm sure you're fainting if you're reading this and seeing that i've written not one but TWO posts in one day. i just wanted to take a second and blog about something that i'm super excited about AND that makes me very happy...visiting texas (and more specifically, visiting my friends in texas).

you see, i lived in the dfw (dallas/fort worth) area for four years while i was in seminary and while i was there, i had the opportunity to make some of the most important friendships in my life! (not to mention the whole seminary thing and working at a phenominal church which totally shaped who i am as a children's minister...that stuff was important, too. ;) anyway, in four short weeks, i have the opportunity to travel back to dallas to spend some time with friends AND i get the incredible honor of ministering alongside my awesome friend, cari, at her church's women's retreat.

so, i thought i'd take a minute and mention some of the things i can't wait to see, do, visit, and experience when i'm back in the lone star state (i do admit that if you've never been to dallas...this may not be as exciting for you as it is for me but this is my, i'm sorry you are probably bored. i don't do this often. check back with me later and maybe i'll have a more thrilling post. ;)

  • visiting sam moon...i mean, come on now. it doesn't get any better than sam moon (click on the name to see their website. although, i will admit that the website does not do the store justice. you have to go and EXPERIENCE it for yourself. just trust me.). sam moon has been the reason i have had to ship my luggage back home...i didn't have room for everything i bought :) and it's CHEAP, too!
  • an afternoon in highland park with andrea...complete with a trip to chuy's....
  • stonebriar mall in favorite mall when i lived there. hands down.
  • laughing my head off with cari; it would be great if we could have another great girl's afternoon picnic...minus the goose poop.
  • walking around the galleria.
  • shopping with stephanie and cpk and playing with tucker.
  • visiting the container is such sadness that the container store does not exist in north carolina.
  • driving in downtown dallas...getting lost in deep ellum, then getting lost on martin luther king, jr. blvd, and finally somehow finding my way out of marcellas street.
  • the whole time i lived there, i never got to visit the dallas world aquarium. maybe THIS time i'll get to go!
  • driving to see blue bonnets (cari--are you reading my blog? will they be in bloom when i'm there?)
  • visiting prestonwood on sunday morning and getting to hug my kids that were kindergarteners but are now 4th that right? oh my word. i'm old.

that's just a small list of the things i really love to do when i go back to visit. most of all, i love spending quality time with the people who were my second family while i lived there. the Lord blessed me with some amazing relationships and i'm so thankful that our friendships are still growing and changing.

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Christy said...

Nothing quite like visiting old friends, so I'm very excited for you and your upcoming trip. About the "container store"...I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about, but when we lived in Winston there was a store across the street from where I worked that was called "The Container Store" or something like that. Thought I'd let you know. Oh, and thanks for the "she lives" vote. I know we're right.

Melissa said...

yea for you! I am so glad you get to go! I know you loved it there and I hope you get to see and do EVERYTHING! Love you!

Cari said...

I cannot wait to see you and laugh until I cry! I'm SO excited! Love from Texas!