Monday, April 14, 2008

strep throat stinks

for real, i don't recommend it. if you're planning on getting sick anytime in the near future, skip the strep.

just some free advice for my peeps out there in internet land. oh and no worries, the medical advice i'm dispensing is free. (i know, i know you're thinking, "score!" no one gives free medical advice any more. well, i just want you people to know that i'm here for you ;). now, i'm off to find my tylenol and hand sanitizer.

until next time...

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ps--and in case you were checking back in to get an air conditioning update, apparently, the air conditioning at work is still running on full blast. anyone have a ski jacket they'd like to share?


Jennifer Raack said...

Oh my, I am on antibiotics for strep throat too. Okay, which one of the ladies at the retreat gave it to us?..haha!

I can't believe they haven't gotten that air fixed yet! I'm sure this is one of the few times people will be praying for you to feel the heat! No ski coat here, but I do have a dog that likes to lay on my feet...wanna borrow her so you can wear your flip flops?

Nicki said...

Oh girly, I do hope you are feeling better for tomorrow!!! Praying for you today!!

JenB said...

Hope you're feeling better! I tagged you for 7 Random Things on my blog. :)