Tuesday, May 6, 2008


my friend, cari, has started a petition of sorts to get her readers to talk me into sharing "the wheelchair story." i'm considering it...check back a bit later and maybe i will have posted it. i'm afraid, though, with her big build up that you will be very disappointed when you actually read it. oh well, we'll see.

meanwhile, back to other news in amy's world... ;)

do you ever have a moment where you feel like the Lord has said to you, "alright, that's enough wallowing and worrying and being consumed by fill-in-the-blank. it's time to trust Me." well, that happened to me this morning. i've had something (a rather big something) on my mind the last couple days and it's been more than just a small worry or concern...it's been kind of major. to be honest, it's consumed pretty much all i've thought or prayed about and this morning i heard the Lord say to me in a very clear way, "are you ready to trust Me? are you ready to believe what you've been saying over the last few weeks (funny how that happens, huh?) that you are ready to follow Me even when you don't see the big picture?" once i acknowledged that i was ready to trust the Lord through this situation, i experienced a tremendous amount of peace and while it doesn't make the issue go away or disappear or become even less of an issue...it does change how i deal with it.

honestly, i felt a little stupid because i KNOW i serve a trustworthy, faithful, loving, just God. i KNOW that He is faithful to provide. once i acknowledged that trusting Him is the best course of action, i experienced such an amazing peace. the situation still exists and still presents LOTS of challenges (opportunities for growth...that's what we called it at my last church ;) but the peace of God WILL guard my heart and my mind in Christ Jesus.

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Jennifer Raack said...

Okay girl, fork over the wheelchair story...I'm waiting! I'm glad you have peace about whatever it is you are going through...

Tisha said...

I have heard the wheelchair story and its worth the build up, I promise!!!!

Love ya!

Mary said...

I didn't think I would have to ask but since I do--I do--give with the wheelchair story.