Monday, August 4, 2008

a change is gonna come...

change. i used to laugh at people who claimed to not like change...well, maybe i didn't laugh at them but i did used to think to myself, "what's the big deal about a few changes in your life? change is fun and exciting and always presents new and different opportunities." well, my friends, i'm here to tell you that i'm staring down a laundry list of changes in my life and some days, i'm not looking forward to all of them. lots of the changes that are about to happen in my life are amazing and wonderful (you know, the wedding, getting married, having a husband, changing my last name, getting married, having a husband, ;) being a wife, moving, etc. and i am SO looking forward to ALL of that) but there are a few changes (that have nothing to do with my awesome hubs-to-be) that i don't really like.

just to be honest with you, this summer has been the summer of change, or so it has seemed, for me. lots and lots of things have changed at work, i'm experiencing changes in my relationships with some friends and for the first time in my life, i'm struggling more with change than i ever have. i spent some time last week praying about all these changes and i heard myself say to the Lord, "don't you think it's time to just let it all level out? how much change do you really think i can take?" i don't want you to misunderstand me...the changes i'm talking about aren't bad or horrible things but even so, it is what it is...change and it can make you feel as though everything around you is a bit uncertain.

i have taken great comfort in the fact that while things around me seem to change all the time, i have a deep and personal relationship with the One who never changes. so i have decided, especially when i feel overwhelmed by change, to stop and rest in sovereign, unchanging, merciful, faithful Savior.

we all know that there are times in our life when "a change is gonna come..." or maybe several changes will come but the Lord has been faithful to remind me that while circumstances and some relationships change, my hope is secure because my hope is in the One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

on a fun and more lighthearted note, look for a change to come to the blog in a week or two. it's not bad, i will be a good change :).

speaking of changes, can i just tell you HOW EXCITED i am that in 4 months and 2 days i get to change my last name to alley? super exciting. amy alley. i'm still trying to figure out if i will keep my middle name or go with my last name as my maiden name...any input you have might be taken into consideration ;).

i'm off to enjoy all these crazy changes that are floating around in my life right now.

happy monday!

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Melissa said...

It's true that change is hard, but sometimes I think we get in a rut and the changes help! It makes me realize that I DO still need the Lord in the everyday!! Not just the big decisions, but the everyday parts of life. I am praying for you friend! Amy Alley. Amy Alley. Oh, it has a good ring to it! Fabulous actually!

Monica said...

I can remember the day I got married, we left everything & everyone we ever knew! Talk about change...whew! It is hard, girlfriend, but when you know you are in the place that God has brought you to...then you know without a shadow of will push thru it all and blessings are waiting on the other side.I heard it once said, when you are faced with a trial or situation that is difficult, the easiest way to get thru it is to plow thru the middle of it! Don't try to go around it, under it, over it....just go thru it ...quickly if possible! You will make it...wonderfully I'm sure! I think Amy Elizabeth Alley sounds Amazing! Out with the old & in with the new! Have a great day!

Tisha said...

Hey Girl - I wanted to have my maiden name as my middle name because I am an only child and obviously no boy to carry on the Henderson name and didn't want it to be forgotten. I always hoped I would have a boy to somehow put Henderson in his name. Oh well, just my opinion.

Christy said...

I second the "last name as middle" vote. I come from a family of 3 sisters, and I too wanted to carry on the memory of my family through my name. And I always thought if I were to become famous, I'd want to go by C.J. Alley (since Christy Alley is out).

Valarie said...

Hey girl. Saw you walkin' in the hall today and shouted to say hey but someone hollered at me right at the same time. So...HEY AMY! teehee

I kept my middle name but my sister did the last name thing. It's gonna have to be whatever feels right for you. I mean, I'm not sure there's any Scriptural truth to plug in here as you are taking his last name, but Grayson kinda sounds like a hip middle name but Elizabeth is a beauty. UGH. Not much help at all am I?! ;-) Got my save the date card and you KNOW I will girl!!

Remember, ALL other ground is sinking sand so STAND on that Rock girl!!! Love ya.