Friday, August 8, 2008

one word meme

one word meme... so, here I go. i'm not that great at being concise in my writing, talking, or blogging so we'll see how well i do. you're only supposed to give a one word answer.

where is your cell phone? purse
your significant other? handsome
your hair? up
your mother? awesome
your father? loving
your favorite thing? laughing
your dream last night? crraazy
your favorite drink? diet sundrop
your dream/goal? glorify
the room you’re in? office
your hobby? wedding planning
your fear? spiders
where do you want to be in 6 years? home
what you’re not? sad
muffins? chocolate chip banana nut
one of your wish list items? puppy
where you grew up? perry st
last thing you did? facebook
favorite gadget? blackberry
your pets? none :(
your computer? old
your mood? mellow
missing someone? yeppers
your car? dirty
favorite store? target
like someone? duh!
your favorite color? pink (or blue or all bright colors ;)
last time you laughed? earlier
last time you cried? this morning

well, i did okay. i cheated on a couple.

i'm going to tag: melissa, cari, andrea (do you read this? you should SO start a blog, real, yo :) and anyone else who wants to have some meme fun!

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