Monday, September 15, 2008

a few of my favorites

we had such a blast in asheville with our engagement picture extravaganza weekend. we enjoyed every minute with each other and really loved spending time with joel's parents. here are just a few of my favorites from the weekend. (my apologies...blogger was being goofy and messed up the order of my pictures...i wanted them to be in the order in which they were taken but oh well...i'm not going to stress about it. ;)



Tisha said...

Cute!!! They are all cute, but I really like the 6th and 7th from the bottom! Too cute!

Faith said...

These are great! I really like the train tracks one and the flip flops/river one. What a fun day that must have been!

Amy E. said...

AMY!!!!!! These are SOOOO good!!! My favorite is the one with the steeple between/above you two, but really they're all good. What sweet little lovebirds!! :)

Jennifer Raack said... two are so cute together! How fun to share in your joy together (via pictures)!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

On my goodness I LOVE Them!! They came out SOOOO good!!! So cute together!!

Anonymous said...

your pictures are so cute : ) love em!!!