Saturday, October 25, 2008

in 42 days...

-i will most likely be awake at 5 am not because of some random reason (like this morning) but because i'm anxious and excited about what that particular day will hold.

-i will change my last name and take on a new name...a new monogram, new initials... (we all voted for elizabeth alley, right ;).

-i will officially have my "own" family but will also gain another family.

-i won't have to worry near as much about my skin (am i breaking out? yikes! is this new makeup going to work or cause problems?!), my hair color (are those dreadful gray hairs covered up, is my color too dark, are my roots from past high lights showing? ugh), and my nails. now, while i am a girly girl and do care about all of these things, i've been a little more concerned than normal with the upcoming nuptials.

-i will be a wife and sometimes thinking about that overwhelms me because i've never been a wife before. hopefully, i'll learn and be pretty good at it ;). i have LOTS of great examples to learn from, though.

-my to-do list will shrink dramatically...YAY!


-in 43 days, i will board a plane to nyc as amy alley (yay) enjoy our time there and then hop on down to hawaii. i am SUPER excited about the honeymoon...i'm way excited about where we're going but i'm also excited about the vacation because after the next 42 days, i think we're going to need it!!

i know that most of you who are married have been where i am right now and so this is nothing new to you but i have to say that this time in my life seems so surreal. i didn't set out to blog about the wedding and such just because it seems like that's all i talk about but the reality is that right now, the wedding and the upcoming marriage is pretty much all consuming (and in a good way). yes, my to-do list is long and my calendar is WAY full but i'm working so hard to enjoy ALL that i have going on so that it doesn't seem like a blur. some days, i feel like i do a great job with that but others....i feel like my life is on fast forward and i don't know how to slow it down (and then i feel a little panicked that i'm not really getting to "soak in" everything. geez). either way, it is an amazing time that i wouldn't trade for anything in the world. it truly is a little crazy to watch your life changing before your eyes and it's also exciting.

hope you have a beautiful saturday! i don't know why i'm up at 5 am this morning and i'm going to try to solve that by going back to bed. hope you got to sleep in!

ps--and soon after the 42 days have passed, the blog address will keep your eyes open!


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Melissa said...

So yay about all of that! I am cracking up that you said your monogram will change! I mean, it will and all and that's a really important point to make! It made me laugh! :) Love you and I am SUPER excited too!