Monday, November 10, 2008

floating around in my head...

believe me when i tell you that nothing floating around in my head is coherent right now. most of all, the only thing i can think about right now is that i seriously need a nap but since that's not going to happen, i'm trying to focus on other things :).

so, i'm relying on my old, familiar friend...the list. here we's the list: pre-wedding crazy style :). (note that not everything has to do with the wedding but i think because i do have SO MUCH going on, it has caused my brain to turn into mush.)
  • i'm seriously reconsidering the style we've chosen for our wedding programs because right now, tying 300 ribbons does not seem so appealing. BUT i'm sure i'll love it once they're done so i'm going to grab a stack of girl movies and get to tying.
  • this week (on wednesday to be exact) i am officially saying goodbye to my 20's. i'm turning 30 AND i'm getting married (not on wednesday but in the same year...the wedding date is still 12/6). i guess i'm ready to be a grown-up! ;)
  • i desperately want to invest in some super cute scarves (you know...the longer, trendy ones) but trying to figure out how to wear them is holding me back. i'll have to think about it some more.
  • my heart hurts for two of my friends right now who are going through/have recently gone through some hard times. i'm so thankful that when i don't know what to pray, the Spirit intercedes for me.
  • i had to print a "wedding calendar" for november/december just so i can keep everything straight. i also decided to add my "to-do" list at the bottom of the calendar. all i know is that i was calmer when the "to-do" list was in my head and not on looks so much more overwhelming written down!
  • if you have attended a shower and are still waiting on your thank you note, know that it is on its way. we are having them printed and they will be ready very soon...the list for thank you notes isn't even on my wedding "to-do" list. sheesh.
  • while this particular time in my life is crazy and a bit of a whirlwind, i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

check back with me tomorrow (or sometime this week) because i have a plan for a birthday post. (not a post-birthday plan but a plan for a post related to my bday).

until then...



Melissa said...

Go Amy! It's your birthday! Go Amy! YAY! Birthday AND A WEDDING! OH! I just love it!! AND I love you! :)

Brenda said...

Give yourself some slack concerning your thank you notes. Experts allow ONE (1) full year to send thank you notes for wedding gifts. Enjoy your wedding and the festivities leading up to it. Enjoy your honeymoon and the holidays. ALL the thank you notes can WAIT until 2009.