Tuesday, January 13, 2009

confessions of a newlywed...

having been single for 29 years or so of my life, i was a little worried that i wasn't going to be a very good homemaker. i've watched my mom and my sister for years and if anyone "has it together" in the domestic world, it would be those two. i'm not trying to be negative or self-deprecating but i admit that i was worried that i wouldn't know what to do. i was concerned that it wasn't going to come as naturally to me as it seems for my mom and sister. and honestly, getting excited over appliances and things for a house? that seemed so foreign to me.
well friends, let me just tell you. the unthinkable has happened...all of a sudden, i'm excited about appliances. i mean, really...i LOVE my coffee maker, i adore my kitchen aid mixer and have actually been planning recipes (yes, i've planned recipes) just so i can use it and don't even get me started talking about all the wonderful things i want to do with my crock pot.

i have also been a bit encouraged that organizing the house and putting things away came quite naturally. i have seriously been tempted to take pictures of the linen closet because i have loved how neat and organized it looks.

so, while i have a lot and i mean A LOT to learn about being a wife and taking care of our home, i am encouraged that i can say that i understand how exciting it is to get a new washer and dryer.

maybe there is hope for me, yet :).



Amy E. said...

Welcome to the Club! :) Hey, at least you're getting excited over appliances.....you'll know you've really been married a while when "buy one get one free toilet bowl cleaner" makes your day.....that would be me!!!

Melissa said...

Girl, it takes T-I-M-E! Oh my word! I am glad you are enjoying your new life though. It's quite special.. that whole marriage thing! Just like God intended it to be!