Thursday, January 1, 2009

wedding/reception pictures

okay, so thanks to some great family, i have some wedding pictures to share. we don't have the professional pictures, yet as we are still sorting through ALL the proofs! i can honestly say that the day was one of the most perfect and amazing days of my life. everything went completely as planned (eventhough every person that gave me advice warned me that something would go wrong) and it could not have been more magical. i was so worried that the minute the doors opened for me to walk down the aisle, i would be so emotional that i couldn't hold it together for the ceremony but it was the complete opposite...i was so happy and so excited i COULDN'T wait to marry "the boy" ;).

the church before the was absolutely beautiful!

the groom watching his bride walk down the aisle! :)

exchanging of vows and rings

the Lord's of the most powerful things was the first thing we did together as a married couple while jason sang "o holy night" in the background. amazing.

praying over us...

pronouncing us man and wife!!

joel kissing his bride!

the entire wedding party

the grayson family

the alley family

being introduced at the reception as mr. and mrs. joel andrew alley!

cutting the cake

first dance as husband and was such a sweet moment

dancing with my daddy

our goodbye at the the bubbles!



Amy E. said...

Soooo beautiful! Hate I couldn't be there but hubs had school so I would've had to bring the three little critters -- their absence might quite possibly be the reason nothing went wrong. :) Just kidding, but they are active and talkative little things! :) I heard it was wonderful!!
Did you cry when you danced with your daddy? It kinda looks like a-sweet-i-might-be-getting-ready-to-cry-face. :)
Congratulations, again!

Melissa said...

very sweet day for a very sweet couple! I am glad it's over for you and you can begin your life together. What a way to begin!!
Love you both!

Monica said...

Hey Amy, Wow! What a wedding! Congratulations! Sorry we couldn't have been there, but we were on vacation! I need to update your e-mail & address...please email me at


Jennifer Raack said...

You looked beautiful and that picture with your daddy is so sweet! Thanks for letting me pretend I was at your wedding for a minute!! God bless you and Joel on your journey together!