Thursday, March 26, 2009


overwhelmed. that word describes how i've felt the last few months, weeks, and days. some of the things that have overwhelmed me have been not so wonderful (hello...sickness and all manner of every illness ;) some have been frustrating at times and then rewarding at others (sometimes ministry can be that way) and some have been absolutely wonderful but still....overwhelming (figuring out how to go from a single girl...who was quite independent in her singleness to being a wife and a married woman whose life is now joined with another).

in the middle of all of these overwhelming parts of my life, i have been overwhelmed with something else but something completely different from all the other parts of my life. i have been overwhelmed by the Lord. i've felt His overwhelming grace, mercy, and strength when i've been sick and frankly, didn't FEEL like getting up and doing. i've experienced His overwhelming grace, peace, and wisdom as i've walked through ministry these last few months. i've experienced His overwhelming love as i've begun walking down this journey of marriage with my husband...i don't believe i've ever seen a better picture of the love of Jesus than through my relationship with my husband...just thinking about it brings me to tears because the Lord has been so good to me.

so, i've been feeling overwhelmed in all those different areas and in all those ways but recently, i've been so overwhelmed with God's activity in my life. there are times in life where, honestly, we don't always "see" Him or "feel" Him but we rest in the assurance that His word is true and He is there...despite how we feel but oh, those times when we get to "see" for ourselves and "feel" it in such a real way are sweet, sweet times. the Lord has been overwhelmingly active in my life in the last week and i have to say that it makes me want to get down on my face and lay before Him weeping with thankfulness AND it makes me want to run and shout because He is so good...all at the same time. i know, i know...i'm confusing and complex (just ask hubs ;).

i'm overwhelmed by His...

i'm overwhelmed that the King wants to dance with His daughter in the ballroom of her life.

He is good, so very good.


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

girl....this brought tears to my eyes. I praise Him that He has you in such a tender spot and I pray that it will only grow stronger. I love ya!

Melissa said...

AMEN sister! It's overwhelming in this life and I have had a few overwhelming situations myself lately, but God IS so good! I am grateful for you! Love you!