Monday, May 11, 2009

not me! monday

so, i've been reading mckmama's blog for a while now and have wanted to participate in the not me! monday posts but just haven't until now. so, here's my attempt at...

  • this past week i did not cry at almost every stinking thing...commercials on tv, stories about my friend's kids, etc. nope, i was not a cry baby at all.

  • last week during triple coupons at harris teeter, i most certainly did not have hubs go with me but pretend like he didn't know me so that we could use all of our coupons without having to make two separate trips (you're limited to 20 coupons/person). no way would i ever do that. not me!

  • i did not start a new workout program (dvd) called the shred and i most certainly did not injure my knee because i unknowingly started the advanced dvd instead of the beginner. nope, not me...AND i absolutely did not ignore my knee injury until it was swollen like a softball forcing me to stay home from work today with it iced and elevated. nope, not me!

  • since i didn't injure my knee, then i didn't spend most of today propped up on the couch catching up on recordings of old beverly hills 90210 episodes (the good ones...when brenda and the gang were in high school). no way, not me!

  • last sunday, i didn't ask hubs to go buy a fourth paper (we buy 3 anyway, for the coupons) because one of our papers was missing the entire coupon section (seriously, who steals coupons?!) nope, not me.

  • i planned to make a pound cake (family recipe) for dessert for mother's day yesterday and i most certainly did not forget to add the sugar. when i tasted it, i didn't want to spit it out because it was so nasty. then, i did not bake another cake later on to make up for the sugar-free, dense mess that i didn't mess up early that day. nope, not me!

    ( here's the picture of the 2nd cake i didn't make saturday evening ;)



*sara* said...

i swear every blog i read today talked about the 30 day shred. maybe i should stop avoiding it and buy it already!

by the way, the 2nd cake looks DELICIOUS!

Ben & Christina said...

this made me laugh out loud! i love it....and you!

Whitney Hannam said...

Hey Amy,
It's Whitney from GWU, I loved your Not ME post! I follow MckMama and Bring the Rain and LOVE triples at HT, it's fun to see you are doing so well! We're just around the corner in Greensboro!

Take care and Blessings!

Whitney Hannam

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I will *not* be happy to eat the cake you *did not* bake.. looks yummy!
Sorry about the knee! Ouch!