Monday, July 6, 2009

nature is dead to me...

it's really no secret that i'm not the "outdoorsy" type of girl. i've never been camping, i don't like bugs (at all), creepy crawly things, and if i'm being brutally honest, i don't really dig being dirty. now, there have been times in my life where i've tried so hard to enjoy the outdoors (one tubing trip comes to mind) and while i had fun, it was clear to me that nature isn't exactly my element. (on that trip in particular, i'll never forget my youth minister telling me how proud he was of me for sticking it out and being a good sport. seriously? i didn't know it was THAT obvious that nature and i aren't bffs.)

like i said, every now and then i try to make up with nature and give it another chance but i always come away either injured, sun burnt, or covered in insect bites. this past weekend was one of those attempts at reconnecting with nature and i'm here to tell you...nature has gone too far this time. i'm sitting here covered (and i promise, i'm not exagerating...just ask hubs) in insect bites and just for my itching pleasure, not just one type of insect violated me nope...three. in the past two days, i've received more than a handful of bites from three different types of insects and i won't wait for you to ask, i'll just go ahead and tell you...i'm kind of miserable. i don't remember itching so much in my life (even with the chicken pox) and in a dramatic moment of disdain, i announced to hubs this evening that nature is dead to me. i'm done with it...this incident has been more than i can stand. so, i'm going to go cover myself in calamine lotion and enjoy being indoors (until the next time i give nature a try...i've done it before and i'm sure i'll do it again). it's more of a love hate relationship that nature and i have together...but with not a whole lot of love unless it's in a controlled, creature free environment :).

pass the cotton balls and the calamine!


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