Saturday, July 25, 2009

the random rundown

maybe you've noticed a lack of consistency in blogging lately? or maybe not...either way, i've not been terribly consistent in writing. just know that i feel bad about that...well, kind of :). life is just really busy for us and the next thing you know, another week has passed with no updated blog post. i keep waiting for a magical blog fairy to write for me but she continues to fail me. so, since there appears to be no magical blog fairy i guess i will procrastinate cleaning the bathroom and just update it myself :).

paisley has been to puppy school twice now and is doing really well. she's caught on quickly to the commands they've been teaching (the commands have actually been quite helpful while we've been dealing with her at home, thank goodness) and she is having fun making new puppy friends. joel and i joke that if paisley were a person, we're pretty sure she would totally be a cruise director. she has a fun little personality and she LOVES people...even if she's never met you, she loves you. i'm thankful she isn't afraid or intimidated by strange people and glad we didn't plan on her being our guard dog. :)

other than that, there's not a whole lot of news. work for me is stressful (hello, new ss year...we need 175 ss teachers by august 23rd) but hubs is enjoying work and is really busy right now. we've gotten to spend a lot of time this summer with family and friends grilling out and at the pool which has been awesome. we've been so busy but have tried to take time to enjoy life and summer time :).

oh. my. word. i almost forgot one exciting bit of news...we're going to kenya!! yes, we're going to kenya on a mission trip in october. our applications have been turned in, i'm working on getting my passport and our team starts meeting next week. we're SUPER excited about this opportunity. we will both have the chance to use our gifts to minister to people in a village in kenya and we can't wait. i, however, am not excited about all the shots and what not but i'm not going to think about that today (hello, Scarlet O'Hara ;).

well, as much as i've enjoyed updating the old blog, the bathrooms are waiting to be cleaned and there's a puppy trying to hop up in my lap for some attention. hopefully, i will actually sit down and think through something of substance to write for next time. or, i'll just wait two weeks and write another boring and non-informative blog post. either way, i'm sure you're thrilled :).

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