Sunday, October 11, 2009

hello, fall...

hello, fall...i heart you. i am so excited that the days are getting cooler and fall is definitely here and what better way to celebrate the start of my favorite seasons (because fall leads us into winter and the Christmas season) than a list on the blog (that and it's too early for me to think in paragraph format...sorry)!

so, here we go...

-all the decorations: this season in particular i have loved, loved, loved decorating my house for fall (because it's my first fall in my house and my first fall to be you didn't know that :). i have a gorgeous fall wreath on my front door, pansies planted in the flower pots, mums and pumpkins on the porch and that's just outside. :) i didn't go overboard inside, i promise. wanna see some pictures? good. i'm so glad you do!

welcome to our home :) this is the foyer

my dining room table

my two favorite magazines chock full of wonderful fall decorating ideas, recipes, and places to visit. (i am so gonna make those pumpkin cakes...LOVE them!!)

kitchen the table runner and flowers

kitchen countertop

love the pie plate!!

this container was full of candy corn and peanuts but joel hearts the candy corn/peanut mixture :)

-i just love the smells and flavors of fall. i love all things pumpkin...pumpkin bagels/cream cheese (thank you, einstein bros!), pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin bread...i think you get the idea :). my other absolute fall favorite is the harvest yankee candle.

one word: YUM!

-football: i'm a football girl, i admit it. i love nfl and college football. just this past weekend, i had the opportunity to take my daddy to a panther's game (they were playing the redskins and he grew up as a redskins fan...until the panthers). hubs had a paper and school work to finish so he encouraged me to take my daddy (don't worry...hubs and i have tickets to two more games so he won't miss out on going to some games this season).

my daddy and me (notice, btw, the my fall wreath on the front door :)

awesome seats and it turned out to be a great game

-day trips and weekend trips to the mountains! we are headed out very soon for a fun little trip to the mountains to relax, enjoy the leaves, nature, and just enjoy being together. hubs and i can't wait...we are SUPER excited!!

hope you have a fun-filled fall weekend, peeps! :)


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