Monday, August 23, 2010


  • weight watchers is going well this week. i've had a few missteps but overall, it's been a successful week. i weigh in on thursday mornings so we'll see what the scale that matters says ;-).
  • i've had several people ask questions lately regarding our future, what's going on with the house, with careers, with church stuff and my answer....i have no idea. it's maybe not the most informative answer but it's the truth. for one of the first times in my life i truly have no idea about most things but i've also never had more peace and confidence in being okay with the unknown. don't get me wrong, it wasn't an easy journey to finally land in that place but it has been worth it. i'm content with knowing that the Lord is in control and thank goodness, i don't have to try to be in control! my daily prayer has been, "okay Lord, what do you have for us/for me today?" all glory and praise for this belongs to the Lord because i certainly cannot do this on my own...i'm just so thankful that He has been kind, compassionate, and patient with me in this process of changing and molding my heart.
  • wow, that last thought was kinda heavy...on to a lighter topic ;-). tonight for dinner i made green beans {along with a chicken and rice bake} and it cracked me up that hubs specifically requested that i cook the green beans to death. he wants to see them almost shriveled up in the pot. i like my green beans like that but i also like them pretty much cooked any way...from slightly steamed to "cooked to death." i didn't find this out about hubs until a few months after we were married...after i had served steamed green beans (which were still pretty crunchy) a few times and the poor man tried to choke them down. now if he knows green beans are on the menu, he confirms that i plan to cook them beyond recognition. communication, it's a good thing.
  • i'm currently on the hunt for a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding (which is a little less than a month away) i do enjoy shopping almost all of the time but i don't like shopping "under pressure." and yes, i do feel some pressure to find "the right dress." i have no idea why but i do. oh and i just reminded hubs he'll need to dust off his black which he replied, "oh. i should probably try that on at some point to make sure it still fits." super. my reply? "yeah, if you're concerned about that, let's do it sooner rather than later." i can only deal with so much pressure ;-).
  • speaking of the wedding, i'm the wedding director. yes, you read that right...the wedding director. have i ever done this before? ummm, no but i'm sure i can do it. i'm actually really looking forward to being involved in their special day and hey, if it goes well maybe i'll have a new career in the works.
  • we start dave ramsey's financial peace university on september 5 and while i don't know that i would describe it as a potentially "fun" experience hubs and i are looking forward to it. we both agree that we have the desire to honor the Lord in everything we do...especially with our finances and we're excited about what we're going to learn. dave is pretty hardcore so i'm sure i'll share some of my ah-ha moments or insights here on the good 'ole blog.

alright. that's enough boredom for one sitting (that is if you're still sitting and haven't fallen out of your desk chair because you've fallen asleep ;-). until the next time you need help going to sleep at night....

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Monica said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for the invite. Dwayne & I took Dave Ramsey's FPU this summer & we loved it! It is all will love it too I bet! Glad to see you all are doing well.

p.s. let me know if you need to replenish your skincare :)