Friday, December 3, 2010

sharing secrets

thought that i'd take a second on this chilly friday night to share some silly secrets with you. thanks to babbling abby for the fun idea!
-i've secretly always wanted to be a personal shopper for a living. i think it would be so fun to shop for someone and spend their money.
-i secretly feel so behind and out of the loop {not to mention that i've gone about this next process in the wrong order}. i had never seen any of the harry potter movies {or read the books for that matter} until last week. hubs and i had a harry potter marathon every night and topped it off with a trip to the theater to see movie #7. now, i'm reading the books.
-i secretly {or maybe not so secretly ;} detest folding laundry. really. really. don't like it. sorting, washing, drying? no problem there. folding? mucho problemo. i even invented a game for hubs that i like to call the "laundry game." want to know how to play? essentially, all of your clean clothes can be found in hampers and it's kind of like hide-n-seek to find the specific article of clothing you'd like to wear that day. see? i look out for hubs...i like to keep his life fun and interesting ;). don't worry about us, though, we aren't drowning in clean laundry. we do put it away but it's not our favorite so sometimes i will bring back the laundry game for a day or two. just for fun, you know.
-i secretly would like to have an iPad for christmas. seeing as how hubs is employed by a company that is not apple {and is much, much better...think Mac vs PC ;} i feel as though i'm not being true to my alliances. hmph. oh well...i still want an iPad.
-i secretly find so much joy in cleaning my house. i know, i'm weird. vacuuming, dusting, bleaching every countertop and bleachable surface= such satisfaction and joy. yes, i know...i am a weirdo.
-i secretly have a {small} addiction to warm snuggly blankets and pajamas. i love to cuddle up on the couch in some super cute {and super comfy} pjs under a warm, snuggly blanket.
-i secretly don't remember what life without a dvr was like...even though it was only 2 yrs ago. spoiled, much?
-i've secretly asked the Lord to do some big things in our life in the coming year. i can't wait to see what He does or what His plan for us will be.
that's it, people. i'm all out of secrets.

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Melissa said...

Yay! Those are great secrets to share! I hate laundry too! Well, the parts that you hate. And I'd love to have an Ipad! We are so out of the techy loop it's not even funny! Love you!