Tuesday, April 5, 2011

one of those days...

i hoped i would have some more cute and funny anecdotes about life in kindergarten to share from yesterday. umm...sorry but nothing funny OR cute happened. all i'm going to say about the experience is that i think all of us {the kindergarteners AND the teacher} had a rough day and really needed a nap by the end of carline. i did have coffee with a sweet friend yesterday evening which was such a blessing after the beating great experience i had in kindergarten. ;)

after coffee i stopped by walgreens to pick up some photos i had printed and all i'll say is that experience was yet another opportunity for growth {particularly in the patience department}. seriously, as i was standing in the line {waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting} i had a moment where i asked the Lord, "okay, what am i supposed to learn from my day today because i would really like to learn this lesson asap." {because the Lord usually responds to requests we make asap.} as i cranked my car chris tomlin's song, Lord i need you, was playing. {total aside: if you don't have the newest passion 2011 cd, purchase it right now. it's pretty much incredible.} all of a sudden, i got it. quietly i heard the Lord speak to my heart and remind me that whether i'm having an absolutely fabulous day or an absolutely awful day, i need Him...every hour...every moment. i am not made to stand on my own but to fully rely and depend on the Lord. i can't do life on my own and when i try, i fall {way} short. i am thankful for His grace and mercy that gently guides me back to where i should be...totally and completely relying on Him. {and did you notice that the Lord pretty much answered my prayer asap?? praise Him for that!}

Lord, i need you, oh i need you every hour i need you. my one defense, my righteousness oh God how i need you.

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