Thursday, July 11, 2013

summatime, summatime, sum sum summatime...

 summertime in north carolina...the heat, the humidity, the storms {or should that say...the sun, vacations, the fun :-/ hint: read that with a touch of sarcasm} summer isn't one of my favorite seasons {maybe i liked it a little more while i was in school and benefitted from summer break but even then it wasn't in my top 2}. i have a long history of not wanting to be hot, not wanting to sweat, and really not liking sand so when those factors are in play, summertime = :-/.

don't get me wrong, there are great moments that occur in the summertime. vbs, family vacations, july 4 {love fireworks!}, more family time, and it does seem that there is a slower, more relaxed pace of life. {unless you work in children's ministry!}

so i'm not a total hater or summertime grouch, but give me a crisp fall day or a slightly warm springtime afternoon or even some snowfall {more likely sleet in nc ;-) } on a winter evening and a fire in the fireplace with some {sugar-free} hot cocoa and i'm a happy girl.

i will say this, though...i have a new dislike of something that occurs in the summertime. the infamous summertime cold. ugh. i haven't had one of these in years...years...until now. i believe that a cold is worse in the summertime. it just is. 

i've spent the last several days looking at this:

wishing and hoping that these items would help me banish these awful summertime cold germs. at this point? i'm sad to report that the summertime cold germs are still fighting pretty hard to stand their ground and they might be winning. i'm still hopeful, though, as i take my sudafed, tylenol, & slather on the vicks. 

while i sit here sniffling, sneezing, and smelling like vicks vapo rub, i'm longing for fall to come and come quickly. 

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