Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mother's day

so, this entire weekend we've been celebrating my mom. i really think that one of my "love languages" is gifts; when it's someones birthday or a special time to celebrate them, i LOVE giving them gifts and things to let them know they're special to me. friday my mom's flowers (tulips) were delivered, saturday we had a picnic at daniel stowe ( and pedicures, today we had lunch and then dinner together with my sister and her family. whoa...i just read back over that and i must say, that's a lot of celebrating! :) my hope was that my mom felt loved and appreciated.

i'm learning more and more about how people--more specifically, people that are in your life (family/friends) are not perfect...we are all such flawed people but they're special because of the relationship you have. does that make sense? i guess what i'm trying to say is that sometimes i have a "romanticized" view on relationships (friends/family), expecting things to go perfectly. the more i live (and especially in the last year) i'm learning more and more that people aren't perfect, least of all family and friends, but that's what life is out this journey God gives us with our family and our friends. the journey isn't always easy but it's what life is about.

can i just tell you, though, i had fun today. church was beyond crazy (how many times can people yell at you at church?! really. i was so on the verge of tears several times today) but i really enjoyed wishing all the moms a happy mother's day. it's so fun to see all these new mommies with their babies and get to wish them happiness on their first mother's day. i got so carried away, though, that i wished the little delivery boy at outback (takeaway for lunch) a happy mother's day. he just laughed (out loud) at me...i tried to cover it by saying, "well, i meant i hope your mom has a happy mother's day." whatever. i am SO a dork :)

anyway, all in all, it was a good day. i'm thankful for my mom...God has blessed me with a mom who loves me and has shown me that it isn't perfection that's important but authenticity and living out your faith everyday. happy mother's day, mom!

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Jason Everhart said...

I'm sure that your mom felt special this weekend. You put alot of time and effort into it and she can tell. Too bad there arent more people in the world that showed love like you do.