Wednesday, May 16, 2007

some of my favorites...

did you know that i'm a list maker? i survive off of my "to-do" lists...i even have a confession to make: sometimes, if i'm making a to-do list, i will add things to the list i've already done just so i can cross them off. :) DORK, i know. anyway, so i thought i'd list some of my favorites. (which, if you know me, you know that my "favorites" change almost daily. my favorite thing to say is, "such and such is my new favorite :)."

anyway, back to my favorites...

  • food: chicken...cooked any way. i just love chicken
  • candy: kit kat or crunchy m & m's
  • pens: sharpies...i seriously have a very large collection of both fine point and extra fine point :) in any color you could ever want or desire.
  • nickname: grace-a-licious (thanks, jodana)
  • game to play: my new favorite is spoons (which, i realize isn't a new game, but it is new to me) but i still love me some mexican train/chicken foot/ak trak/j train :)
  • bible verse: zephaniah 3:17
  • soft drink: diet coke with lime (it's my new favorite ;)
  • breakfast food: cinnamon toast and hot chocolate
  • worship song: rescue by travis cottrell; over me by meredith andrews
  • hymn: he lives, when i survey the wonderous cross, tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
  • flower: tulips, gerbera daisies
  • recent purchase: the gtxpress 101 (i am looking forward to will be fabulous)
  • food my mom cooks: green pea salad and oven baked chicken
  • favorite part of my job: the people
  • quote: "life is weird. one day, you're just swimming along...the next thing you know, you're being pulled out of the water by your lips." (it's on a t-shirt i have...long story but it's funny)
  • restaurant: chuy's in dallas, tx, (the shirt with the quote listed above was purchased at this restaurant. it's fabulous)

so, there's some random information about me. not serious at all but gives you some insight into the girl who is amy :).

seriously, today is a good day. it's wednesday which means church tonight but i really enjoy seeing all the people, spending time with the kids, and talking with my paid workers. what can i say? i love talking and the neat thing is that it's part of my job on sunday mornings and wednesday nights!

have a fabulous day!


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