Thursday, May 17, 2007

what a weirdo!

in keeping with my previous blog of lists, i thought i'd throw this one in there. it makes me laugh...and laughing at myself is something i do regularly and quite enjoy. i do realize that making these things public about myself is only going to open the forum for teasing and laughing. it's okay...go ahead, i can take it :)

9 weird things about me
1) i can't write with a pen that has no cap. i don't know why but if i have a pen that loses it's cap, i just throw it away. absurd, i know.
2) if i'm taking notes or writing on a piece of paper and i make a mistake, i have to start over---no scribble marks for me.
3) i don't like sleeping in a house or an apartment without family or a roommate. i lay awake and plan "escape" strategies just in case someone would break in.
4) i coordinate the color of my pen with the note card or stationary i am writing on.
5) i color coordinate my gifts...that's right down to the card and the gift bag. and what can i say? it happens naturally now, i don't even have to try. (as in--all the gifts plus the wrapping paper/gift bag and card match.)
6) i like for my sharpies to be in rainbow color order (you know, ROY G. BIV). this is hard to accomplish in a large, round pen cup. but i tried (i failed but i tried).
7) i will eat pizza and lasagna but will not eat spaghetti. spaghetti sauce makes my stomach hurt (and the weird thing about that is that it's the same sauce in lasagna and similar to pizza sauce. go figure.)
8) my big toe on my right foot is twice as big as the other big toe. no worries, it hasn't been that way from birth, just an injury. it's still weird, none the less.
9) i fall up stairs. most people tumble down the stairs but this girl is so gifted that i defy gravity and fall up. :) just ask my big toe.
so, i think it's weird that the list only asked for 9 things...i don't want to reveal any more of my "weirdo-ness" but i could have probably thought of more things to share.
okay, so, i know all of you---the few people who have actually stopped by my blog and for most of you, i could list weird things about you on my own but i think it would be more fun coming from you. so, follow my lead and on your blog or in an email to a random group of friends, start spreading the weirdness ;).


jason everhart said...

i really like this...brings you into a whole new told the toe story to the wold...takes courage...big goofball...

Anonymous said...

you are crackin' me up with the graphics!!!!!!! oh, girl. you are so funny! love you so much!! Lineys mom