Wednesday, May 23, 2007

i hate bugs

i'm a girl (i'm good at stating the obvious) but not only am i just a girl...i am a girly girl. i am a girly girl who is NOT a fan of bugs. i try to avoid making strong statements about hating things but i really do hate bugs. bugs of any kind, size, color...ewwww. i just don't like them. they give me the heebie jeebies. i don't usually scream, though. i am one of those people who GASP loudly and then freeze (which does not usually work out very well for me because i am frozen but the bug is usually moving---in my direction!).

yesterday was staff picture day at work. (trust me...the bug hating thing will connect in a moment) they wanted to take "professional" shots of both a casual outfit and a formal/business outfit. for the guys, this is no problem...they just go back to their office and switch their shirts but for girls, this requires planning, lots of different accessories, make up, hair products, and some stress. i will admit that by the time i made it to my office with my outfits, accessories, hair products, etc. in tow...i was a bit on the frustrated side. :) i sat down at my desk to "begin the preparations" for the pictures; i started taking things out of my purse/tote (pictured) when all of a sudden, i saw something black run past my hand. i knew exactly what it was...there was an intruder in my MY purse. i gasped and lisa, my assistant, came running (she knows me well enough to know when i gasp like that, there's a problem). neither one of us were willing to go after the bug ourselves so my solution was to quickly remove the important items from my bag (wallet, cell phone, iPod, camera, make up bag) and then dump the rest of the contents (bug included) in my trash can. i made a decision that i was willing to part with whatever was left in my purse if it meant i didn't have to touch a bug. so, i dumped everything left into the trash can...and i watched the bug fall out with everything else. ewww. it still gives me the creeps. i sat staring at the trash can waiting, just waiting for the stupid bug to figure out a way to crawl out and possibly even find it's way over to me.........i was not in such a fabulous frame of mind. i'll skip the details but suffice it to say, God provided someone who is far braver than me (or Lisa :) who came in and dug through the trash to retrieve some important documents and loose change that were about to become trash (from my purse) and then she (yes, that's right---SHE---a woman who is not afraid of bugs) killed the ugly little varmint. now, i will tell you that the bug looked HUGE to me but she assured me that it was not a big bug and not a scary bug, either. crisis averted. i still, however, hate bugs. yuck.

on a side note, i had my pictures taken and i was pleased with the little glimpse i got to see from the photographer's camera. yay for that! :)

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