Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ghetto fabulous

did you catch a glimpse of the little picture in the "today i'm feeling..." section that was there tuesday/wednesday? it said that i'm feeling afrolicious. that just cracks me up. i don't have an afro or anything but it just made me laugh everytime i opened my blog. in case you missed it, here it is:

i've had some definite experience with being ghetto fabulous with my friends andrea and cari...details of which i will never divulge ;). so, here's to being ghetto fabulous and not ashamed to admit it! (andrea and cari: i miss those days. we will have to have some ghetto fabulouso fun when i roll back into town...i can hear it now, "i'm lost and on some street named marcellas street." scary mary. it's the one place in dallas where you can drive 10 blocks and never leave the scene of a crime AND the one place in town you do not stop for red lights or stop signs---for fear of being robbed or at the very least, having all of your tires stolen from your car as you sit there ;).

i know, this is quite the random post but it made me smile and today, i needed to smile and laugh about something silly.

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