Saturday, June 16, 2007

i did it

okay, so, i did it. i stepped into the world that is mystic tan and it wasn't that bad. i will admit that i was a little afraid of looking like a giant tangerine but i don't think i look like a giant piece of fruit. there are definitely a few "problem areas" where there is some splotch but can be easily fixed, i do believe.

i felt quite lazy and worthless yesterday because i did absolutely nothing (but i'm also a big fan of those days because sometimes, i think i'm just too busy and need some time just to "be") but today should make up for all that nothingness. i get to work today (this week is vbs, you know) and then i have fun dinner plans. it should be a fun evening.

alright, this tanned girl is going to start her day. hope you have a good one! :)

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