Friday, June 15, 2007

fabulous...just fabulous

i'm so glad today is friday. since i work for a church, fridays are like my saturdays because i work on sundays. today is the best day to just hang out at home and's cool outside and cloudy. i don't have big plans today...other than finish some laundry, watch some movies, and possibly try out mystic tan.

i have to say, for this fair skinned girl who burns easily, the mystic tan is very tempting. i have, however, been witness to tan in the can and fake tan gone awry so i am a bit hesitant to step out in this new adventure and the world of fake tanning. we shall see...if you see me sunday or next week and i'm orange, don't say anything. just give me a hug :).

lots of fun stuff going on in my world this weekend. if you think of me, say a little prayer (email me or ask me on sunday for more details ;).

hope your friday is mucho fabulouso!

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