Saturday, June 9, 2007

lessons learned

i was reflecting today about some lessons i've learned over the past year...partly because one of those "lessons" came full circle today. i'm not a very reflective person, usually, but occasionally i have reflective moments ;). but more than just reflecting, i think it's important to learn from these lessons God drops in our laps so that we, in turn, become more like Him.
  • while i don't have control over the actions of others, i have control over my reactions to them. the golden rule is just's golden. :)
  • forgiveness, God's forgiveness, is radical; if you've experienced it, you'll never be the same. AND when you realize what God has rescued you from and what pit he's pulled you out of, you can't keep it're ready to shout about it.
  • MOST things just really aren't worth worrying or stressing about... "for I know whom I have believed..."
  • once you have lived in the mercy and grace that God extends, you can't help but extend it to others. i had a "larger than life" experience with this exact lesson and i can just tell you that it turned my world upside down!
  • sometimes you just need to laugh...throw your head back and laugh until your stomach hurts. laughter really is good medicine.
  • you're not always going to make everyone, make choices and decisions based on integrity and what's right...not what's most popular. (hand in hand, you can't always worry about what people's tough, i know.)
  • when all else fails, just love people. most of the time, if they're irritable or grumpy, it's because they just need some lovin from somebody.
  • sometimes, you just need to put a smile on your face and move on.

just random reflections by amy. i don't have all of these lessons mastered, in fact, if you know me, you probably can testify to that fact, but, i'm working on it. my goal and my desire is that everyday i become more like Jesus because it's Him i want people to see...not me.

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