Monday, June 11, 2007

lift my eyes

random fact about amy: (the title of the blog is called, "random thoughts and reflections";) i am a huge bebo norman fan...HUGE fan. i've been one of the simpletons, seen him in concert anytime he is anywhere close to where i am, and had quite a few fun experiences with my friends along the way (usually on the way to or coming home from a bebo concert...and mostly with andrea...we seem to be a magnet for crazy, funny, and sometimes flat out scary mary circumstances).

anyway, back to bebo. i found one of my favorite bebo songs on youtube (which, by the way, i'm not sure i get the whole youtube concept or really buy into it, but the fact that i found the bebo song redeems it's purpose a little :). the thing i love about this song is that it's real and it's raw (in my opinion)'s a great "cry out to God" song. it also reminds me that He is so much bigger than all the stuff going on in my world and i'm so thankful for that!

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