Monday, July 30, 2007

fun times

well, i have to admit that today was not as crazy as i thought it was going to be. you know, the monday back to work after a vacation could be pretty crazy, but it wasn't. i actually felt quite productive and got a lot accomplished (which, i guess, is the definition of productive ;).

we had such a good time at the beach...i didn't want to leave. it's so funny, though, i don't really like sand but i was kind of sad that i didn't get the chance to go out on the beach...mostly because i really like playing in the ocean. i spent time laying by the pool (my sis, nephews, and niece took turns splashing me with water), reading, taking naps on the balcony of our condo (seriously, it's the best), playing putt putt (and oh my made my week because i won...i beat my entire family!), shopping, and going to a couple movies.

i have to say, i think my family is a pretty fun family; i mean, i know they're my family so i should think they're fun but seriously, they're some pretty cool people. we all had a blast with each other and we generally have a lot of fun regardless of what we're doing. so, yay for vacation and for fun times with the fam.

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