Monday, July 30, 2007

"good morning, baltimore..."

i just want to take a second to give a shout out (do people say that anymore? have i regressed back to the 90's?!?! i hope not) for the movie, hairspray. i love it. i will admit, though, i LOVE almost any musical but i really did love hairspray. the soundtrack is being downloaded into my iPod as we speak :).


Anonymous said...

i'm going to see "hairspray" this weekend--i think--i hope!

love the new look of your blog, except your pic is looking a little like "amy in a vice" (is that the right way to spell that kind of vice, maybe it's "vise".) oh well, you get the idea. :), cari

Anonymous said...

i just realized that maybe you didn't get what i meant by the comment about your pic--i meant that it just looks a little squished or stretched or something, not that you look bad in it. anyway, forgive your rambling, crazy friend. :)

amy said...

oooh!! you will LOVE it; i saw a commercial for hairspray that at some select theaters this weekend, they're going to put the lyrics on the screen so you can sing along. how fun!!!!

oh, and about the picture...i think i figured it out. yeah, the word is "vice." but it looked like i took the picture in a fun house at a carnival. it was not so flattering. geez louise!